Residential electricity & gas

Finding the best energy plan for your residential address isn’t as easy as asking a friend or family member who their supplier is and if they are paying less than you are.

Energy retailers offer their energy rates and discounts specifically to your tariff which can vary for each address and is likely to be completely different to your friend or family and even next door neighbour. 

When comparing energy plans, you need to take into account the following factors:

Do you have high or low usage?
Do you have a controlled load tariff?
Do you have a single rate or time of use tariff?
What times of the day are your highest usage periods?
What discount are you receiving on the rates provided?
Is the discount provided off your total bill or just your usage?
Does your discount expire after a short period or is it ongoing?

ABC’s energy specialists provide a 100% free comparison to residential and business customers, Australia wide. Our free service is specific to your tariff, energy consumption and usage periods to help you find the best energy deal on the market today.


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